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Acmel Labo has been a member of the ZwickRoell Group since 2002 and has developed a range of instruments for testing cement and mortar.

Development and production of testing instruments takes place at the Acmel factory in Saint Pierre Du Perray (near Paris). The software developed by Acmel for control of the test sequence and the determination of measured values via computer and microprocessors integrates the customer’s ‘manual know-how’. Acmel products feature easy, push-button operation, at the same time performing comprehensive evaluations of stored values.

Corporate Partners

Corporate partners are a very important tool in the strategy of Acmel and more when its purpose is to achieve local and international success. In this participate the organizations that seek to benefit, often benefit from one another.

ZwickRoell is the world‘s leading supplier of materials testing machines. With a large portfolio of materials testing machines and accessories and software, the ZwickRoell Group offers the right solution for any testing requirement for more than 20 industries. With over 1,350 employees, production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom Austria and subsidiaries in France, the UK, Spain, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, and China, and together with agencies in more than 60 countries around the world, the ZwickRoell brand is a guarantee of the highest product and service quality.

Toni Technik is one of the international leading suppliers of building materials testing equipment. With accurate, innovative and reliable testing machines and an intelligent Software we deliver customized solutions for almost any test application of the modern mechanical building materials testing.

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Zwick began producing testing machines in Ulm-Einsingen, Germany, in 1938, growing over the following decades into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials testing machines. In 1992 the company merged with the Roell Group.

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GTM is a leading manufacturer of load cells, torque transducers and multi-component transducers. The company also supplies complete measuring systems to state institutes, calibration laboratories and manufacturers of load cells and torque transducers.

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Indentec is part of ZwickRoell AG, which has a majority shareholding in the company. Established in 1976 to re-design a Rockwell hardness testing machine, Indentec has sold many thousands of machines.

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