Glass & Wood

Glass Testing:  glass testing is usually realized as destructive flexural strength tests that require typically not very large test forces.
The advantage of hydraulic testing machines in this application field is the protection of the load frames and of the drive units against splinters of glass. Toni Technik testing systems are characterized by elaborated solutions, as for instance by an integrated waste container for the collection of glass splinters, that easily can be transported for emptying by a pallet truck.

Wood Testing: wood testing is often characterized by long testing paths. Especially large-sized composite laminated beams can be comfortably tested with servo hydraulic machines. Based on the wide range of specimen shapes and dimensions these testing systems are usually designed for a customer specific application.

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Testing Instruments

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Measurement & Control

Testing Machines

for Glass/Wood

Model 2060


For the determination of the flexural strength of plates and further building materials.

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Model 2071


For flexural strength tests on building material specimens and construction components.

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ToniNORM – modular, customized and expandable

ToniNORM is an expandable modular system for the automatic, computer-controlled testing from 10 kN to 10.000 kN that can be individually put together according to the customer requirements.

Up to four load frames of the machine series ToniNORM can be individually combined and can be operated with only one Powerbox (hydraulic power unit) and a single ToniTROL (controller). Thereby each load frame can be optimally adapted to the respective test requirements.

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Testing Software

for Glass/Wood


testXpert® II is the new generation of the software for the PC-control of testing machines and the evaluation of test results

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Measurement and Control Electronics

for Glass & Wood


Digital measurement and control system for the functions measuring, controlling and monitoring of building material testing machines.

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We manufacture and assemble our machines and instruments ourselves on the basis of our customers’ orders and individual specifications. A competent and experienced team of mechanical and electronic technicians guarantees the high level of quality that our customers expect.

We have constantly improved the quality of our products to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, since 2002, we have been part of the ZwickRoell group and have developed a range of instruments for testing cement and mortar.

Our customers are at the heart of Acmel Labo. They represent the importance of our company. Together with our team, we work every day to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.