Project Description

Modernization & Upgrades

We modernize testing machines of all manufacturers!

The decision between new procurement and modernization depends primarily on the value and technical condition of the machine components to be taken over. Since, in addition to the load frame, other components such as force transducers or specimen grips can be taken over, the costs of modernization are usually lower than those of a new machine or system.

Following the successful completion of the modernization, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the new technology.

All modernizations have attractive prices and can be carried out at short notice.

Preserving substance while simultaneously increasing intelligence – this is the goal for modernizing old compression and flexure testing machines with ToniTROL. With a flexible modernization kit using proven hydraulic, electronic and software components from the current ToniNORM testing machine program, existing building material presses can be turned into intelligent, versatile and expandable testing systems that comply with the latest testing standards and meet current safety standards.

Why choose us?

We manufacture and assemble our machines and instruments ourselves on the basis of our customers’ orders and individual specifications. A competent and experienced team of mechanical and electronic technicians guarantees the high level of quality that our customers expect.

We have constantly improved the quality of our products to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, since 2002, we have been part of the ZwickRoell group and have developed a range of instruments for testing cement and mortar.

Our customers are at the heart of Acmel Labo. They represent the importance of our company. Together with our team, we work every day to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.