Nowadays concrete components are manufactured in diverse shapes and dimensions. cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and mounted Some of these components have to be tested “as a whole”.

The test conditions range from typical standard tests to individual, complex component tests, like testing of pillars with the initiation of lateral forces.

Depending on the technical requirements the type approval tests are usually perfomed by research and development institutes. For these institutes Toni Technik plans, designs and realizes individual solutions in direct association with the customer.

A challanging test application are railroad sleepers because they are exposed to highly stress by different loads. For those components the manufacturer has to prove regularly the quality during the production process. Therefore a testing system is required that is especially designed for this application.

Another fast-growing field of application is fibre-reinforced concrete. Special load frames with high rigidity are required for exact testing.

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We manufacture and assemble our machines and instruments ourselves on the basis of our customers’ orders and individual specifications. A competent and experienced team of mechanical and electronic technicians guarantees the high level of quality that our customers expect.

We have constantly improved the quality of our products to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, since 2002, we have been part of the ZwickRoell group and have developed a range of instruments for testing cement and mortar.

Our customers are at the heart of Acmel Labo. They represent the importance of our company. Together with our team, we work every day to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.