Deformation Measurement Device – E-Module Model 0612

Large operation range (variable diameters and measuring lengths)


✓ High reproducibility
✓ Application and disassembling also during the test
✓ Conception for mobile tasks (transport box)

Working Principle
The double extension sensor with the desired measuring lenght is applied to the specimen. It is fixed by the springs. At this procedure the precise extension sensors are blocked at neutral position. After the adaption they will be delocked and a zero adjustment (ZERO potentiometer) will be performed. The compression test will be done; before rupture of the specimen the extensiometer should be removed. The removement can be performed even when sample is under load.





For evaluation of Young´s modulus at concrete cylinders, drilling cores and prisms. For measurement of the mean length variation at two generating lines of the specimen.



Measuring frame adaptable to different specimens´ diameters and profiles by locking steps and springs. Continiously adjustable measuring length. A measuring frame construction kit for different specimens´ diameters and measuring lengths is part of delivery. Two opposite precise extension sensors at DMS base (type DD1, supplyer: HBM). Measuring amplifier for DC voltage, two models selectable:

Model 0712.001: output for mean value in accordance with DIN 1048

Model 0712.002: output selectable for both channels separately or as mean value (in accordance with ISO 6784)

Additional information

Measuring length (adjustable)

40… 200 mm

Specimens´ diameter

30 … 160 mm

Measuring distance

± 2 mm

Type of sensor


Max. measuring distance of DD1

± 2,5 mm

Accuracy, max. measuring distance

0,2 %

Permissible ambient temperature

-10 … +60 °C

Supply voltage amplifier

± 20 – 28 V

Output voltage amplifier

± 10 V

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