Jolting Apparatus – Model 6135

The jolting apparatus is designed for the standard-compliant compaction of cement mortar and other binding material in moulds and meets the entire requirements of the standards EN 196 part 1 and ISO 679.


Key benefits for the user:

✓ Extremely sturdy, durable construction
✓ Solid, deformation-resistant table
✓ Clamping of the mold by quick clamping elements
✓ Comfortable one-button operation
✓ On demand delivery with foundation set or pre-casted concrete foundation
✓ Modification of the clamping device for moulds of other manufacturers is possible
✓ Sound protection hood for the reduction of the acoustic emission and for the protection of the user available



The apparatus conforms in its design exactly to requirements of the standards ISO 679 and EN 196-1. The sturdy construction eliminates the loss of shock energy by vibrating elements of the apparatus. All components of the apparatus are mounted onto a base plate made of steel. The table is fitted on two ball bearing mounted guiding arms. The table is equipped with two quick clam-ping elements. The hardened and vibration free mounted stop is located beneath the table. With the exception of the table all components are cased for safety reasons by a sheet metal casing. The operating elements and the counting device are combined in a clearly arranged control panel. The weight and the dimensions of the table are aligned to the weight of the mould and the feeding hopper in Toni Technik design. A concrete block with a mass of about 600 kg has to be used as foundation to comply with the standard requirements (see „Optional Accessories“).


Operating Principle

The mould is clamped together with the feeding hopper onto the table by the quick clamping elements. The table is lifted by a cam and falls freely until the lug strikes the hardened stop. The table is guided by two ball bearing mounted guiding arms. The period of jolting is factory-set to 60 jolts per minute according to ISO 679 and EN After the period of jolting the apparatus turns off automatically.



Additional information

Base plate

1100 x 400 mm


300 x 200 mm

Drop height

15.0 + 0.3 mm

Length of the guiding arms

800 mm

Working height with concrete foundation (topside of the table)

950 mm

Electrical supply

Voltage = 230 V
Frequency = 50 Hz
Power consumption = 0,25 kW

Weight gross / net

jolting apparatus with foundation set and sound protection hood

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