Model PA8 – Automatic Vicat


PC controlled Vicat instrument with eight stations for the determination of the setting time of cement according to EN 196-3 or gypsum according to EN 13279-2. The initial and final setting time are calculated.


Key benefits for the user:

✓ tests can be started in any order and at the desired time; the machine performs the measurements independently after placing the samples
✓ measurements are performed according to a preprogrammed penetration grid in order to use the overall sample surface corresponding to the appropriate standard
✓ the results and the corresponding parameters are stored in a data base
✓ automatic backup procedure for running tests
✓ different operator levels protected by passwords allow a very safe handling of the instrument
✓ user friendly software with integrated help menu
✓ predefined standard tests to avoid time-consuming and continual parameter setting
✓ high reproducibility of the measurements
✓ automatic water cleaning of the needle
✓ designed for easy maintenance and cleaning
✓ special mode (password protected) for the calibration of the instrument by the user
✓ integrated menu for automatic tests and checking of the main functions of the instrument



The PA8 consists of a sturdy sheet steel housing, in which the components of the instrument are integrated. The instrument is equipped with 2 stainless steel tanks
(upper and lower). The moulds and base plates are installed in the upper tank. The lower compartment is equipped with a circulation pump and connected to the upper tank to generate a circulation of water between the tanks for tests under water. A two-axle linear drive enables to drive to any position of the sample surfaces of all stations. The dropping rod is built into the operating arm of the instrument and equipped with a contact-free electronic measurement system. A cleaning nozzle is integrated into the upper tank for the cleaning of the
needle/cone. Regular and weekly maintenance is easy to perform due to easy access to the main parts.


Operating Principle

The samples are placed inside the upper tank and the parameters are selected and set via the software on the PC. Only a few inputs are needed.
After the beginning of a test sequence, the instrument performs the measures completely autonomously. The needle/cone is dropped down with a specified drop weight to determine the change of consistency of the samples. The penetration depths are measured electronically and stored in the data base.
After each penetration the needle/cone is cleaned automatically by a water spray. The tests in progress and the results can be viewed at any time on the screen during the tests.
After the end of a test sequence the results are calculated via the software.



Additional information


7308.100 = EN 196-3
7308.200 = EN 13279-2

Application (test material)

7308.100 = Cement
7308.200 = Gypsum

Drop weight

7308.100 = 300 g
7308.200 = 100 g

Vicat needle

7308.100 = Ø 1.13 mm
7308.200 = cone


7308.100 = Ø 70/80 x 40 mm
7308.200 = Ø 65/75 x 40 mm


110 / 230 V


50-60 Hz

Power consumption

0.5 kW

width x depth x height

750 x 550 x 600 mm

Weight (net)

70 kg approx.