Mortar Mixer ToniMIX Expert – Model 6225

Automatic mortar mixer for the standard-compliant preparation of cement mortar and cement paste according to EN 196, ISO 679, DIN 1164, ASTM C 305, Ö-Norm B 3310 and further standards.

The ToniMIX Expert is equipped with an automatic, freely adjustable water dosing device, an automatic sand feeding device and allows the user to define own mixing procedures.


Key benefits for the user:

✓ Microprocessor control with up to five preinstalled and five individually programmable mixing procedures
✓ Freely adjustable water dosing device (50 ml – 500 ml ± 1 ml)
✓ Integrated sand feeding device for the automatic feeding of the standard sand
✓ Freely definable mixing speeds
✓ Possibility to add grany and liquid additives during the mixing procedure
✓ Text display for the indication of the mixing speeds and the actual operating mode
✓ Illuminated, clearly visible mixing area
✓ Equipped as standard with a dust extraction system
✓ Low-noise operation
✓ Proven CE-conformity with emergency stop
✓ Wear resistant, precise stirring unit
✓ Sturdy and durable housing with integrated test area protection
✓ Ergonomically design



The ToniMIX Expert is designed in a very sturdy and durable construction. The newly developed frame is made of steel hollow profiles. By the drive belt and the planetary drive a low-noise and low-maintenance operation is guaranteed. The motor speed is con-trolled electronically, the number of revolutions is variably adjustable. The EC-conform protection of the stirring unit area is secured by disconnecting switches at the mixing bowl and the lowering lever. The integrated stored program control (SPC) enables the automatic process of the different mixing procedures. The standard -compliant stainless steel mixing bowl and paddle (EN or ASTM) are included in delivery. The ToniMIX Expert is equipped with a variable water dosage. The water can be dosed with an accuracy of ±1 ml in a range of 50 ml to 500 ml. An automatic sand feeding device is also part of the delivery.


Operating Principle

The paddle is revolving about its own axis as it is driven in a planetary movement around the axis of the bowl. The fixing of the paddle is high-precise and durable free from play. A quick clamping device allows a comfortable exchange of the paddle. The lever operated, spring-loaded lifting device enables the easy removal and installation of the mixing bowl. The gap between paddle and mixing bowl is constant.

After selection and confirmation of a mixing program, the the mixing procedure is performed automatically by the stored program control. The actual operating condition, the mixing speed and the remaining time are indicated in the display. If the activity of the operator is required, this is indicated by a visual as well as an acoustic signal. The control unit triggers the automatic sand feeding device. The gauging water can be admixed alternatively before or after the dosing of the cement with an accuracy ± 1 ml.

Additional information


Footprint / Height 500 x 700 / 800 mm

Power consumption

0,4 kW

Electrical supply (single-phase)

110 / 230 V 50 – 60 Hz

Weight gross/net

110/89 kg

Packaging dimensions l x w x h

600 x 800 x 900 mm

Maximum mixing weight

4 kg approx

Dosing quantity (destilled water)

min. 50 ml / max. 500 ml (± 1 ml)

Filling volume of the water reservoir

12 l

Revolution speed of the planetary drive

Variably adjustable (min. 50 rpm, max. 200 rpm)