Needle Instrument according to Vicat – Model 1802


Manual Vicat needle device with a measuring point for determining the solidification behavior of binders, in particular:


✓ Cement according to EN 196, ASTM C 187 and ASTM C 191
✓ Mortar according to EN 480 and ASTM C 807



The drop rod is guided almost frictionless within a stand, which is firmly mounted onto the base plate of the instrument. The different penetrators are easy to insert into
the drop rod by a knurled screw. The required additional weights will be set onto the platform at the upper end of the drop rod. An adjustable scale anables the specific adjustment of the drop height. The ambient temperature is measured by an integrated reference thermometer. A water basin for tests under water is part of the standard delivery.


Working Principle

The drop rod is manually pulled upwards, adjusted by the scale and locked resp. released by a knurled screw. The different penetrators are also clamped resp. changed by a knurled screw. Additional weights can be placed directly onto the drop rod.

The exact test procedure is described within the respective standard.


Standard Delivery Includes

Different apparatus configurations are available. The delivery content is dependent of the respective standard. Please find the delivery content of the different configurations in the shedule on the backside.


Available Configurations

Bauform 1802/EN Vicat needle instrument for testing of cement accord. to: DIN EN 196 part 3 (DIN 1164, EN 480-2)

Bauform 1802/ASTM Vicat needle instrument for testing of cement accord. to: ASTM C 187 and C 191

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