Performance Unit „Water Storage“ – Model 5545

Performance unit for the standard-compliant storage of specimens under water.

This unit provides using the corresponding sample container a storage capacity for 216 prisms with the dimensions 40x40x160 mm or for 336 cubical specimens with an edge length of 50 mm (2 inch).

The entire storage tank is made of stainless steel.

An immersion thermostat allows the precise tempering of the water.



✓ Compatible with the ToniSYSTEMLABORATORY
✓ Operation and handling
✓ High storage capacity by storage in six respectively seven levels
✓ Integrated thermostat with digital display for the actual value and the set value



The performance unit „water storage“ consists of a sturdy steel frame construction in that a stainless steel basin is integrated. The basin is equipped with a drain and a standpipe valve for the comfortable drain of the water. For the loading resp. the unloading of the specimens the unit comes with two cover flaps that are coated by stainless steel.

An integrated immersion thermostat serves for tempering of the water.


Operating Principle

The unit is top loaded via the cover flaps using the optionally available sample containers. The immersion thermostat heats up the water to the desired set temperature (≤ ambient temperature) and maintains the water temperature constant under recirculation.

Additional information

Storage capacity*

Prisms 40 x 40 x 160 mm = approx. 216 mm
Cubes with edge length 50 mm resp. 2“ = approx. 336 mm

Power supply

Voltage = 110 / 230 V
Frequency = 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption = 2,1 kW

Dimensions (without immersion cooler)

Width = 1200 mm
Depth = 775 mm
Height = 900 mm

Weight (without water / specimens)

Gross / Net = 240 / 170 kg approx.

Packaging volume

1.2 m³ approx

Immersion thermostat

Temperature range** = 20 … 30 °C
Heating power = 2,0 kW
Max. delivery (suction / pressure) = 17/20 l/min

Immersion cooler (optional accessory)

Max. temperature difference to the ambience ΔT = 5 K