PA1 – PA2 – Automatic Vicat Needle Instrument



Microprocessor controlled Vicat instrument with one or two test stations for the determination of the setting time of cement, gypsum or mortar according to EN 196 part 3, ASTM C191, EN 13279 or EN 480.




✓ 5.7“ colour display
✓ Automatic test procedure, including needle cleaning after each penetration
✓ Graphical or table display showing complete setting time procedure (beginning and end)
✓ Very accurate measurement of the penetration depth by an incremental system
✓ Possibility to test under water as according to EN standard or without water
✓ Internal control of the water temperature at 20°C resp. 23°C with standard laboratory conditions (according to EN resp. ASTM)
✓ User-friendly, self-explanatory operation
✓ Quick modification to comply with other standards by a simple exchange of the dropping rod
✓ Predefined test can start after only a few inputs
✓ Easy installation due to compact dimensions
✓ All results and test parameters are stored in an internal database
✓ Accurate, standard compliant positioning of the needle onto the surface of the sample
✓ Automatic cleaning of the needle with drying system for the gypsum cone
✓ High repeatability of the test results
✓ Data transmission to a PC via a serial port (USB type) for extended test evaluation by the optional software VICAT DB



The PA1/PA2 consists of a sturdy sheet steel housing, in which all components of the instrument are integrated. The microprocessor control and all electrical parts are built into the left side of the housing. The instrument is operated via a 5.7“ color display in combination with a keypad. A three-axle drive system enables to drive to any position of the sample surface. The drop rod is equipped with a contact-free electronic measurement system. The modification of the instrument for different drop weights resp. other test materials can be done by an easy and quick change of the dropping rod. The needle is cleaned after each penetration by an integrated, automatic cleaning device. The gypsum cone is dried automatically after the cleaning. The tank is equipped with a circulation system, which enables also tests under water according to the EN standard. By a serial interface (USB-type), data can be exported to a PC for the further evaluation by the optional software VICAT DB.


Operating Principle

The prepared sample is placed inside the tank and the parameters are selected and set via the keypad on the display. For the correct execution of a test, only the sample identification is needed.

The penetration depths of the needle are measured and stored electronically. After each penetration the needle/cone is cleaned automatically. During the test, the measured data can be read on the display.
All results are stored together with the corresponding parameters in the internal data base of the instrument. The evaluation of the tests can be done either automatically or manually.