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The FLA1

is developed for the determination of the content of free, uncombined lime in cement and cement clinkers. The function principle is based on the measurement of the electric conductivity of a cement solution in hot glycol compared with calibration curves, determined with a two or multipoints calibration curve with reference material.


  • measurement results in less than 10 minutes possible (typical 15-20 min)
  • very few preparation time for the user
  • no activities from the operator are necessary during the measurement procedure
  • integrated data base with all needed test parameters and intelligent menu guiding
  • beaker made of stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • automatic washing cycle as well as optimal ergonomic design of the instrument allows a work flow without interruption
  • the magnetic agitator is resistant against dust, abrasion and steam of glycol
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Automatic Vicat Needle Instrument PA1- PA2 – EN 196

Microprocessor controlled Vicat instrument with one or two test stations for the determination of the setting time of cement, gypsum or mortar according to EN 196 part 3, ASTM C191, EN 13279 or EN 480.


  • 5.7“ colour display
  • automatic test procedure, including needle cleaning after each penetration
  • graphical or table display showing complete setting time procedure (beginning and end)
  • very accurate measurement of the penetration depth by an incremental system
  • possibility to test under water as according to EN standard or without water
  • internal control of the water temperature at 20°C resp. 23°C with standard laboratory conditions (according to EN resp. ASTM)
  • user-friendly, self-explanatory operation
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